Travaartje respects your privacy in the best possible way. So what does that mean?

Travaartje will only read your HealthKit data for the purpose of submitting it to Strava. Your workouts are not saved or sent anywhere else.

Travaartje will only read basic data from your Strava account, for the purpose of displaying information in your profile page (the one you see when you click on the Strava account button on the main screen), and to show the length and duration of your recent workouts, as they are calculated by Strava after an upload is completed. No data from your Strava account will be sent anywhere.

Travaartje will collect aggregated usage data to support the further development of the app. This data consists only of counters which are in no way associated to your iOS or Strava account. The data collected is:

  • Number of daily users
  • Number of uploads, categorized per activity type
  • Number of Strava login attempts, including success and failure rate