Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements to use Travaartje?

To use Travaartje v2.0, you need an iPhone running iOS 13 or higher. The older v1.2 runs on iOS 11 and up.
You can record your workouts using the Workout app on your AppleWatch or iPhone. In addition you need to have an account on Strava to which you can upload your workouts.

Which types of workouts are supported?

The following workout types are supported:

  • Run
  • Ride
  • Swim
  • Hike
  • Walk

What data does Travaartje export?

Data is sent to Strava using gpx-files which support tracking points, elevation and heart rate. It doesn’t include laps or ‘events’.
In case a route doesn’t contain location data, it will be uploaded as tcx-file with only basic data.

Why are only 10 recent workouts shown?

The expected usage-model for Travaartje is that you will upload your workout shortly after you completed it. Therefor only the most recent workouts are shown.

Will Travaartje support lower iOS versions?

No, iOS 13 is the minimum version for version 2.0. It’s build on SwiftUI which isn’t available on older iOS versions.

Will Travaartje support uploads to other platforms?

No, Travaartje will only support uploads to Strava.

Why is Travaartje called Travaartje?

I wanted to call the app Stravaartje, after the username of a local fellow runner.  Strava didn’t allow that name, and being somewhat lazy my next try was Travaartje.

What is your kind of workout?

I try to run 3 times week, somewhere between 5 and 10k per run. My personal best for the 10k is 43:50.